Aidan Faminoff, 20, is a sophomore in the Class of 2020 at Florida State University. He is majoring in Sports Management and is a diver on the school’s swimming and diving team. A native of British Columbia, he won a bronze medal at the 2015 Junior Pan Am Championships in 3-meter synchro for Team Canada, and won bronze on platform at the 2016 Canadian Olympic Trials.

Following his performance in 2017's NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships, Aidan was recently chosen to compete in the 2018 ACC Swimming and Diving Championships in North Carolina.

Aidan recently came out as gay in an online story he wrote for OutSports.com.  

The support and encouragement  he received from other students and teammates has made him an inspiration to other young men and women dealing with their personal struggles as  well.



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Reverse two and a half pike off 3m - 2018

Back one and half with two and a half twists off 10m - 2018

Summer Provincials - 2016

Winter Provincials - 2016